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About Us

KADIN stands for ‘Kamar Dagang dan Industri‘, or Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian business chambers and associations.

KADIN is focused on all matters relating to trade, industry and services, and is highly committed to tapping potentials and synergies of the national economy, offering a strategic forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs. It is privately financed, hence an independent spokesperson of private sector interests.

It is also the only nation-wide business organization mandated by Law No. 1/1987 to speak on behalf of private business, maintaining a privileged liaison to Government Officials and covering all relevant sectors.

34 regional Chambers (KADIN Daerah) and 514 district branches ensure national coverage. Because of this huge network, KADIN Indonesia is the preferred partner for foreign companies initiating their engagement in Indonesia become a member of KADIN Indonesia.

Under International Relations Department, KADIN Middle East & OIC has been mandated to enhance bilateral business relations between Indonesia and Middle East and OIC Countries. Within the last five years, significant progress has been made including the signing of Halal Trade Agreement with Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Conference of East Asian on Palestinian Development (CEAPAD) II in Jakarta, appointment of Indonesia in Board of Directors in ICCIA and the establishment of Indonesian business councils with more than 15 Middle East & OIC Countries.

KADIN Middle East & OIC looks forward to sturdier business and investment cooperation with brotherly countries in the region and We are very welcome for any possible engagement activities in the future.
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